About us

Casting Kft was founded in 1990 by private persons having decades of experience in the foundry industry. Their primary objective was to use their professional experience, language knowledge, and network of connections for developing the domestic foundry industry that was under transformation at that time. As the founders usually undertook product and production development activity and technological adaptations for Hungarian foundries during the 1980s, the company also started based on the same activities.

Professional consulting activity soon made it also necessary, that together with the technologies and processes advised, we offered materials as well that could be used with these new technologies, in order to achieve the results required. That was the time when we started trading with materials tried and suggested by us. We became customers of many companies known and accepted worldwide in the foundry industry and gradually became the exclusive Hungarian representatives of these companies.

The majority of our present activity consists of distribution of materials of the companies represented by us, and providing professional service in connection with the use of these materials. In addition to this, we still deal with foundry consulting, mainly for iron and steel foundries, and production of cast parts as a main contractor, finding the best solution for the customer.
The company has its own modern warehouse, having advantageous logistical capabilities for all foundries. Our company has a quality assurance system certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008, which is audited by EUCERT.