Ferrosilicon 65%-75%
Ferromanganese HC
Ferromanganese LC
Ferrochrome HC
Ferrochrome LC

The materials above are distributed in different grain sizes and packaging as required by the customer.

Graphite nodularizers and modifiers

Among our products you can find the most suitable graphite nodularizers (FeSiMg) for all treatment methods and starting compositions for the production of ductile iron, compact graphite iron (CGI) and special (SIMO) castings.
We also distribute a wide range of modifiers (inoculants) for grey iron and ductile iron material grades, the choice depending on the basic technology, metal chemical composition and the requirements demanded for the casting.

As regards choice and application of the materials above, please, do not hesitate to contact our representative, who provides you with suggestions for the best material, technology, grain size, packaging, etc, based on the actual foundry conditions.

Furnace lining materials

Our range of products contains lining materials in different compositions for induction- and air furnaces used for melting and holding iron, steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals and ladles used for carrying liquid metal. We can also offer special materials for partial repair of the linings listed above, release agents, etc.
We can provide our customers with machinery necessary for building up lining (vibrating tamper).


Our range of products contains the following materials for melting both grey iron and ductile iron base irons in induction furnaces: graphite breeze, electrode grains, petrol coke grains in different compositions and grain sizes. We also offer SiC, which can be used for joint increase of C and Si content, and SiC briquettes to be used for cupola melting.

Pig Iron

We distribute material grades wich are clean, low S and Mn content and can be used for production of ductile iron. We can deliver hematite type pig iron on customer demand. We can also offer so called “fermax” low alloyed rolled and cut-up plates for steel foundries.

Foundry Accessory Materials

Our company distributes the following accessories:

- temperature probe,
– water and alcohol based glazing materials,
– mould release agents,
– covering and cleaning salts,
– slag shrinking materials (coagulants),
– die casting mould coats,
– lubricant for pressure casting pistons and tools